Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.

Final Report

The aim of this report is to provide information for the UK academic community about all aspects of the AHRC ICT Methods Network, funded from April 2005-March 2008. It outlines the original aims and objectives, and the activities that we have undertaken in order to fulfil these.

The report is divided into four main parts. In Part 1, we describe the core activities that were undertaken by the Network Administrative Centre (NAC), including dissemination, bursaries, and the development of our 'virtual community' to support the network of practitioners using ICT for the arts and humanities. Part 2 describes the core network activities that were centrally organized by the Methods Network, including expert seminars and workgroups. In Part 3, we describe the distributed activities that were carried out by the community of experts, using Methods Network funding that was disbursed via open calls for proposals.

The final part of this report is a conclusion, written by Susan Hockey (Emeritus Professor, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College, London) and Seamus Ross (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow). Their report is based on an extensive survey of organizers and participants involved in the Methods Network's programme of activities.

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