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DRHA Student Bursary Awards Conference Report

Michael Graham, Sheffield Hallam University

I am grateful for the support of the AHRC ICT Methods Network through the bursary initiative to attend the 2006 Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference.

Although I do work part time, as a self-funded international student I would not have been able to afford the costs of registration, accommodation and transport to attend the conference without financial assistance.

The focus of the conference on the intersections of technology, humanities and arts is particularly relevant to my current research which has focused on the relationship between art and technology and specifically on how the humanities can inform and direct the use of technology in art practice.

Participating in the conference has been an important experience in the development of my research for several reasons:

  • The key note presentations by Roy Ascott, N. Katherine Hayles and Stelarc offered a range of perspectives on the issues surrounding the implications of developments in digital media technology which has helped me clarify my own position within a broader field of research.
  • The chance to present a paper as well as a selection of my artwork was a great opportunity as art practice has been an important component of my research in the past year.
  • The opportunity to meet other researchers with similar interests was also significant. The informal conversations I had at the conference about the philosophy of technology, conceptual art practice and new media revealed some issues and sources I hadn’t previously considered.
  • Seeing how other artists and practitioners present the outcomes of their research was an excellent learning experience which has helped me reflect on the role of practice in research.