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Making 3D Visual Research Outcomes Transparent Participants

Participants at Workshop and Symposium
Drew Baker Kings College London
Mike Batty University College London
Chris Baugh University of Kent
Richard Beacham Kings College London
Martin Blazeby Kings College London
Rachel Bond University College London
Anna Clark University College London
Luigi Calori CINECA Supercomputing Centre
Andrea D'Andrea CISA University of Naples "Orientale"
Hugh Denard Kings College London
Kate Devlin University of Bristol
Stuart Dunn University of Southampton
Graeme Earl University of Southampton
Cat Fergusson University of Kent
Achille Felicetti PIN University of Florence
Hazel Gardiner Kings College London
Lorna Gibson Kings College London
Frédéric Fol Leymarie Goldsmiths College London
Maurizio Forte ITABC - Virtual Heritage Lab
Sorin Hermon PIN University of Florence
Lorna Hughes Kings College London
Francesco Iacotucci PIN University of Florence
Michael Takeo Magruder Kings College London
Franco Niccolucci PIN University of Florence
Glorimar Pagan University of Buffalo
Sofia Pescarin ITABC - Virtual Heritage Lab
Daniel Pletinckx Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation.
Stephen Quirke Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
David Robey Arts and Humanities Research Council
Nick Ryan University of Kent
Donald Sanders Institute for the Visualization of History
Harold Short Kings College London
Maria Sifniotis Kings College London
Go Sugimoto PIN University of Florence
Veronica Sundstedt University of Bristol
Melissa M. Terras University College London
Martin Turner Manchester Computing, The University of Manchester
Special Advisory Panel
Catelijne Coopmans Imperial College London
Paul Luff Kings College London
Richard Menary University of Hertfordshire
Willard McCarty Kings College London