Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.

Digital Restoration for Damaged Documents Programme

9.30 Coffee
10.00 Start: Icebreaker; introductions. Brief overview of the structure of the day; overview of the workbook
10.15 What to ask for: Specifications. Resolution; type of image required to do digital restoration; how to get this from the library; how to evaluate images you have been sent; workstation and monitor specs; checking for colourblindness; customizing workspace and optimising Photoshop for restoration work; shortcuts in Photoshop; general overview of essential tools; basic skills.
11.00 Coffee
11.20 Restoration 1: Evaluating the image; pixel selection; layers; level adjust; colour fills; filters; basic tool usage; common errors and problems
11.40 Workstation session 1: Problem–image(s) 1 – suggested techniques for enhancement; attendees get their hands on their first image and see what they can do. Individual tuition from course tutors
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Restoration 2: layer mode; using levels to assess image illumination problems and white and black points; dragging layers between images; grouping images; unsharp masking; Channels; exclusion or inclusion; temporary threshold adjustment layer
14.30 Problem image(s) 2 – suggested techniques for enhancement; individual tuition from course tutors
16.00 Tea
16.20 Summary of problems etc arising from individual tuition during the afternoon; invitation for feedback on course structure and future needs to be addressed in other seminars, or a more advanced seminar.
17.00 End