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Immersive Vision Theatres and Strategies for Knowledge Transfer Programme

13 December 2007

The workshop will take place in an immersive theatre at the University of Plymouth.

10.00 Registration and coffee
10.30 Introduction to the day - Martha Blassnigg
10.35 Technical overview of the Immersive Vision Theatre - Peter Carrs
11.00 Context: Immersive Gaming Environments - David Surman, University of Wales
11.30 Discussion
11.45 Keynote: NeuroCinema - Prof. Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam
12.15 Discussion
12.30 Lunch
Biofeedback instrumentation workshop - led by Hannah Drayson, University of Plymouth
13.45 Research presentation: Colour vision and neuroscience at the intersection of science and art - Dr. R. Beau Lotto, Lotto Lab UCL
14.05 Discussion
14.15 Presentation: Uniview - David McConville, Elumenati
14.35 Discussion: The future of Immersive AV environments - led by Ian Dyer, SEOS
15.00 Plenary workshop chaired by Prof. John Wood
Short presentations of invited delegates’ current research interests
16.15 Tea and coffee
16.45 Plenary discussion and proposals for future collaboration
17.45 Closing - Martha Blassnigg